The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA)


The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) is a nonprofit that improves and creates parks in Williamsburg/Greenpoint in partnership with community groups, elected officials and the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. OSA’s nonprofit affiliate, OSA Presents (OSAP), provides arts and cultural programming in North Brooklyn parks.


OSAP is responsible for producing the nationally acclaimed concerts and other programming in McCarren Park Pool during 2008 and at the East River State Park in 2009­-2011. For the coming summer, OSAP will be relocating its renowned Williamsburg Waterfront concert series to 50 Kent Avenue between North 11th and North 12th Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


The concert series has been widely acclaimed: nominated for “Best New Venue” by concert industry professionals in the national PollStar Awards, praised by the New York State Governor for innovative parks funding, and recognized by the Village Voice as being among the top reasons to love NYC.




OSAP is seeking proposals to transform an empty industrial site into a new interim concert venue and area for recreational activities for the New York public.


Competition entrants are asked to propose designs to enhance the site, including, but not limited to:

- a comprehensive visual identity

- perimeter screening

- designated VIP area

- shade elements

- water features

- lighting

- creative safety barriers or other solutions to address trip hazards

- portosans

- recreational opportunities for non-concert days


Entries will be judged by a jury comprised of well-respected art and design professionals.  The winning entrant will be chosen based upon artistic merit and  feasibility of construction.  This proposal will be presented to the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation for final approval, then developed and implemented with additional professional input as required to execute the design for the scheduled 2012 concert series.


Entrants are encouraged, but not required, to submit proposals as a team including architects, landscape architects, artists and lighting designers. Beyond artistic merit, priority will be given to the scheme that has considered cost, the feasibility of construction, “green”/sustainability factors as compatible with OSA’s mission and schedule as described in detail within this brief


1. Design Elements


The following elements are fixed as noted on the Site Plan:

(1) Stage: approximately 40’ x 60’ provided by OSAP

(1) Sound Mix Platform, 37' x 20', raised approx. 2 feet, provided by OSAP

(3) Artists and Production Trailers:

- (1) Production trailer, approximately 12' x 44', with 4 rooms

- (2) Artist trailers, approximately 32' x 10' each, with 2 rooms each

OSA typically rents trailers at a cost of $26k per season but will consider cost effective alternatives. The trailers must be air-conditioned and highly secure. Alternatives cannot be permanent structures.


The following elements are to be located by the entrant:

Privacy Scrim along the chain link perimeter of the site

Light projections for two nearby walls

(1) VIP area Approximately 1,400 sq. feet

Sun shading for audience

Sun shading for artist trailer area (approx. 20 x 20 feet)

Water Feature(s) – Please note, the site does not have running water. Water features would have to be self-contained.

(6) Lighting at points of entry/exit.  (Solar powered solutions are preferred.)

(2) Bleacher seating units: 10’ x 15’ long, provided by OSAP

(4-5) Refreshment trucks or tents, located adjacent to each other.

(2-3) Beverage station tents (to be placed on at least two sides of the site. The stations should be situated such that there is no public access behind the service stations.)

(40) Portable bathrooms: (2) of which are handicap accessible

(3) Portable hand washing stations to be located near portosans

(1) Recreational Activity Area

(4) Storage Containers (three containers are 10' x 20'; one is 10' x 40')



2. Technical Requirements


Site Conditions

- There is no electricity on site. OSAP is exploring bringing shore power to the site, but has  traditionally operated its venues with biofuel generators.

- There is no running water on site.

- Construction may not penetrate the existing asphalt.

- As noted on the Site Plan, there are significant topographical challenges, from uneven grading along certain perimeter lines (with a drop), to areas of rubble

- All structures are to be nonpermanent



The Site Plan indicates the required size, location and orientation of the performance stage to best manage acoustics within and beyond the site. The sound mix platform (similar to a small stage) must be located as indicated in front of the stage, within the viewing area.



Public access to the site must be located along N. 12th Street and the entire length of the street must remain open to the public at all times. Stage and site access for loading/unloading must occur along North 11th Street.  The street itself must remain unobstructed for trucks to load in/out. Portable bathrooms require truck access for waste removal.



Public safety is of highest importance. Egress gates must be located near each corner of the site and must remain unobstructed by program and design elements. Security staff will operate the gates during events.


Surface Conditions

The site is predominately a ‘black top’ asphalt surface with graveled areas along the west and north edges of the site. At those locations, fencing or a design alternative must be added to guard against the drop in elevation. As noted, construction may not penetrate the existing asphalt.


3. Submission Requirements & Calendar


Entry Fee

There is a $50 entry fee per team. See the link to register and pay on our Pay Pal site below.


Entries should communicate the  project approach clearly and concisely and should be understood by a broad audience. The sponsor may display a select number of submissions in a gallery setting at the completion of the competition. Entries must be submitted without any marks, logos or writing that identifies their authorship.


Presentation Board

(1) 30” x 40” ¼” thick foamboard backed presentation boards.

(1) Site Plan at 1/16” = 1’-0” Scale

(2) Renderings

(1-4) Detail drawings or detailed Renderings of design elements.

(1) Written Description of design proposal.


Enclosed in envelope affixed to back of the presentation board

Printed Submittal Form

(1) CD containing a PDF of the entry

(1) List of all team members and contact information for lead applicant.

(1) Budget for construction broken down by material and production costs.



Registration Opens  March 1, 2012

Registration Ends March 20, 2012

Submissions Due  March 30, 2012

Jury  Week of April 2, 2012

Finalist Notified  April 8, 2012

Design Refinement CD’s Commence April 12, 2012

Fabrication Commences  May 12, 2012

Concert Season Begins  June 1, 2012



4. Rules



Teams may not communicate directly with OSA/OSAP, the participating entities or any member of the Jury for the duration of the competition. Until the winner has been identified, the Competition Advisor will serve as the sole liaison with entrants. 


For any clarification questions email


Return of Entries

The Competition Board, Forms and disc will not be returned. Competitors who wish to retain a record of their work are advised to make copies prior to delivering their submission.


Ownership of Copyright

All drawings, photographs, photocopies, discs and any other physical materials submitted to the Competition shall become the property of OSA/OSAP and may be retained for archival purposes, exhibition and publication. Competitors retain standard ownership of their intellectual property. By participating in this competition, each entrant acknowledges and agrees that OSA/OSAP shall have the right to photograph the submitted materials and/or use the materials on the disc for any non-construction purpose, including archival, public relations or marketing. OSA/OSAP shall have the right to release any of the submitted materials to the media or otherwise publish and distribute the design materials and will credit the entrant responsible for authoring the materials.


Announcement and Publication

OSA/OSAP retains ownership of all physical materials submitted in the Competition (see above) and as such, reserves the right to control where and how the Winning submission is first published. Competitors may not release any images of their submission until after July 1st, 2012 unless permitted by OSA/OSAP. This includes all media outlets and professional publications.


OSA/OSAP retains the right to exhibit a selection of competition entries—including premiated and non-premiated submissions—at any point in perpetuity following the submission of the competition materials.



5. Jury


Winka Dubbleldam

Principal, Archi-Tectonics Architects


Sharon Matt Atkins

Managing Curator of Exhibitions, Brooklyn Museum


Nina Rappaport

Editor/Author, Yale School of Architecture (former editor Oculus Magazine)


Joe Amrhein

Founder, Pierogi and Boiler


Mark Fox



Joseph Lentol

New York State Assembly Member


Daniel Squadron

New York State Senator


Marty Markowitz

Brooklyn Borough President


Steve Levin

New York City Councilmember



The Jury will meet to review each submission. Jury members bring a diverse set of backgrounds in assessing the merit of the submissions. Though the Jury members are looking for inspiring and visionary ideas, their final decision will be based upon the feasibility of executing the design within the narrow time frame and budgetary requirements.



Selection Criteria includes the following but is not limited to:


Originality/artistic merit

Quality and clarity of presentation

Responsiveness to site and context

“Green”/sustainability factors

Public safety

Feasibility of construction

Feasibility of production schedule

Projected budget




1st Place

$1000 award

Four VIP passes to the entire 2012 concert series

Four Concert series posters

Four OSA T shirts

A (to be determined amount) Stipend toward development of project.


2nd Runner Up

Two VIP passes for the entire 2012 concert season.

Two Concert series posters


3rd Runner Up

Two VIP passes for the entire 2012 concert season.

Two Concert series posters



6. Credits and Acknowledgements



Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn/OSA Presents


7. Address


Entries may be either hand shipped or hand delivered to:

Ms. Stephanie Thayer

Executive Director

Open Space Alliance of North Brooklyn (OSA)

79 North 11th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11249


8. Download Details & Information


Site Plan

Site Photos

Concert Photos


9. Registration


Please click here to register and pay $50 entry fee.


Name of Design Team
Email address of Team Leader